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Hi Folks,

This site teaches french speaking language people how to own American real estate properties even if they’re living outside the US. Those properties can be vacation homes or for investments purpose.

I focus to build confidence on themselves and not on others to get the best of a purchase: location, quality, price, needs, ROI, tax avoidance, etc.

I provide a step-by-step online training course of the acquisition process and give tips, hacks and pitfalls to avoid that real estate agents will never tell you or even worst they simply don’t know they exist.

Following my walkthru will insure you to have the best for your money without headache or pain in the future.

As I usually say, a realtor (or broker) will never tell you that it’s the wrong time to buy and she/he will never tell you to buy outside of its own playing area / county / state. A realtor need to find buyers to put food on his table each month, in a good or bad real estate market!

If you think that it can be useful to have such contents in English (buying far away from your living city / country and manage them remotely without headache), let me know with the button below.

I’m a french-canadian living abroad and own multiple long term rental properties and lands on American soil.

Best regards

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